Monday, June 14, 2010

Tattoos For Kids - Have Fun Kids With a Cool Temporary Tattoo Design

Kids are fun to be with and its the same with the tattoos too. When your kids ask you for a tattoo on them, you just do it without even thinking twice because you know there are temporary tattoos that vanish after few wash. Yes of course real tattoos and temporary tattoos are not the same. You should be really careful with your kids because they may fall in love with the temporary ones, asking you to allow them to get a real tattoo done on their body.

Temporary tattoos are mainly done when you go for a party. Nowadays, these tattoos designs are in great demand among the kids and sometimes even among the teenagers during the party times. These tattoos are made from henna based dyes or vegetables dyes that are non toxic in nature. This type of tattoo normally last for maximum a week. They can be easily removed by applying alcohol or baby oil, the only thing u have to be sure of is; these are approved FDA tattoos. Always be sure to get a non toxic and safe tattoo.

The following are few safe temporary tattoos than can be worn:
1. Petrolatum.
2. Cobalt Tallate Drier.
3. Acrylic Multipoly.
4. Petroleum Isopariffinic Hydrocarbon.
5. Black Iron Oxide.
6. FD & C Yellow #5 Aluminum Lake.
7. D & C Red #7.
8. FD & C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake.

The adhesive that is used in the non-spray of temporary tattoos, is similar to the one used in adhesive bandages that are commercially prepared. So, its best not to use these adhesive tattoos, if you are allergic to any of these. These tattoos give you the fun of tattooing by the method of total reversibility. Another option is there if you want to have your tattoo for a little longer. This can be done by hiring an artist to spray on the temporary tattoo but this will cost you a little more. That is the story behind the temporary tattoos; hope you guys look rocking with one of those tattoo on you. Parents hurry, get your kids celebrate the fun of tattoos.

Cool Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius people have a vast selection of cool Aquarius tattoo design. They are very imaginative in nature, not only that they have a keen sense of creativity and innovation. This makes the selection of their tattoo design unique compared with other zodiacs.

1. The TradeMark

Water carrier has been known as the main symbol of Aquarius zodiac. To my surprise, aside from water carrier, they have other vast selection of symbols to choose from. As the other characteristics are detachment and independence, this makes a real sense.

Aquarius people would likely to choose their tattoo design after they think about the cool Aquarius tattoo design carefully since they would not likely to act solely based on impulse but more after careful consideration.

2. Other Symbols

They are very lucky when it comes to symbols to choose from since they have many kinds of flowers and plants to choose from. Several of other popular symbols that Aquarius people can choose from are birds, orchids, apple blossom, jugs, elderberry, just to name a few.

Orchids and dandelion also other symbols you can choose from that represent Aquarius. Female especially love orchids and dandelion.

A good tattoo artist should be aware that the tattoo they make for them must include several characteristics such as loving, caring, progressive, wise, refined, intuitive, independent and friendly.

3. Pay Attention

Pay attention carefully with the cool Aquarius tattoo design you want to choose. Since you can repent the decision you make for years. Examine your personality closely check if your tattoo selection fit with your personality since it will become a part of your body for a life time. There are several websites such as where you can see more than 1000s design to choose from. Whether you are tattoo artist or people looking to have a tattoo, this website is indispensable resources.

Fashionable Body Art - Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Tattoos (also known as Body Art) have become mainstream with the younger generation. Tattoo designs range from intricate pictures, to simple prayer messages written in Mayan, Aztec or Sanskrit. These old languages have become favorites among tattoo designers because they blend well with common tattoo designs and the character styles are considered "cool".

Modern tattoo designs are seen as one of the highest forms of individual expression. They express freedom, individuality, and spirituality. Often, different tattoos will be used to mark special events in an individual's journey.

Sanskrit tattoo designs, compared to other tattoo designs, are quite intricate. This is one of the reasons why they are a favorite among tribal design lovers. Their exotic presentation of the letters is distinctive because of the horizontal line linking the letters together. This horizontal line, on top of the regular letters, makes Sanskrit one of the most appealing tattoo designs to date. Armband tattoo designs made out of Sanskrit scripts are an old time favorite.

Some of the most popular Sanskrit tattoo designs are:

Om Symbol - The Om symbol is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma which, when combined, make the sound Aum or Om. It is normally chanted at the beginning and end of prayers and mantras. It is also used as a form of meditation. This symbol is actually a sacred syllable representing the Brahman or the Absolute, the source of all existence.

Lotus Flower with Om Symbol - The Lotus flower has been revered by Eastern cultures for many thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Lotus flower was the first flower of the universe, and from it sprang the first gods. This is very evident in their architecture, where most of the palace columns were depicted as bunches of lotuses.

In India, the lotus is one of the most important symbols used in spirituality and art. Brahma, the Hindu God, is believed to have been born from a lotus blossom that grew from the navel of Vishnu. In addition, the Lotus flower is symbolic of the true soul of the individual.

The Lotus and the Om are also present in the Buddhist beliefs. The Lotus symbolizes the nature and pureness of Buddha. Both the Lotus and Om are part of the most famous of Buddhist mantras, Om Mani Padme Hum.

The combination of the Lotus and the Om is said to provide good luck and prosperity to the tattoo wearer.

Trishula Symbol - The Trishula is a type of traditional Indian trident. It is said to be the three-pronged weapon of Shiva, a Hindu God. As a ceremonial weapon, each of the prongs has their own representations. They are said to represent various trinities, such as creation, maintenance and destruction; past, present and future; or will, action and wisdom.

Taking the time to learn the real stories behind the Sanskrit tattoo designs is a rewarding experience. It can tell you a lot about the person wearing the tattoo.

Fairy Tattoo Designs - How to Find the Perfect Tattoo

Imagine what it would be like to have the perfect fairy tattoo design. The design that nobody would have even thought of. Wouldn't it be awesome to be walking around the street and have complete and total strangers comment on how cool your tattoo is? Fairy tattoo designs can be very unique, if you are interested in getting one then keep reading.

Why are these types of designs so good? Because you can take them in almost any direction. The fairy can represent so many things. Another benefit is the fact that men think they are really hot! Below, you will learn about some of the most interesting and unique things you can do with your fairy tattoo.

The first one is what I like to call a nature fairy. You will always see these kinds of fairies on TV, especially if you are watching a cartoon. The ones that hang around in the woods and are always trying to just help people out. This is the most common type of design when it comes to fairies. If you are into nature I highly recommend you consider getting this one.

The next one we will talk about is called the "sexy fairy" The only major difference between this one and the one mentioned above is the location of where the tattoo is. Typically, you want to get these tattoos on your lower stomach or lower back. Another big difference between these tattoos is the facial expression of the fairy. You want this fairy to have long legs, a short skirt, and possibly even consider having her bite her bottom lip. If there is one tattoo guys will be all over it is this one!

combination tattoos look great, especially if it is a butterfly and a fairy. If you are looking for an innocent tattoo then it is suggested you go with this one. You can have the fairy and the butterfly floating around together. Or maybe you can have the fairy sitting on a tree while the butterfly soars over her head. There are a million different direction you can go with this one.

In my opinion, this next one I am about to mention is the coolest and most unique of them all, it is a tribal fairy tattoo. People rarely think of doing this but they are possibly the most beautiful tattoo's I have ever seen. Add strong, bold, black tribal lines to the fairy. This might sound crazy but trust me, if you have seen one you would agree that it is incredible.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Egyptians Tattoos - Egypt is the Cradle of Tattoo Art

Tattoos are used as a passport after death to live in this world again. Many traditional cultures have this as a practice, and Egypt was called the cradle of tattoo art. It is said that the bodies that were discovered tattoos on them. One female mummy named Amunet was said to have several dots and lines on her body as a tattoo. Her flesh had a clear display of the tattoo art. Many female mummies also showed these kinds of tattoo designs on their body. One of the popular designs among them was the ornamental scarring that is still popular in some parts of Africa. This tattoo design is worn on the lower part of the abdomen. The series of lines and dots is said to increase the fertility in a woman.

The traditional reasons involved in Egyptian tattooing are:

- To have a connection with the Divine.
- Act of sacrifice or as a tribute to a deity.
- As a talisman, a permanent good luck charm that cannot be lost.
- To provide medical protection and provide magical powers.

There was always a connection that existed between divine powers and the tattoos worn in ancient Egypt. Most of the designs that were discovered in this place were intrinsically connected to their religion. Mummies of 1300 BC were tattooed with the symbol of Neith. Neith was a female deity. These were the only tattoo designs that were meant for the male bearer.

God Bes tattoo:

This was the earliest tattoo displaying something specific and it was representing the God Bes. It is the favorite God of the musicians and the dancing girls. It is tattooed on the thigh of girls. Tattoos are extremely popular among the western culture but this practice is avoided by the Muslim culture. Egypt had some of the best stylish tattoos that when worn on any part of the body makes them look great. Modern Egyptian tattoos have emerged into the world but are little complex in their designs.

Egyptian tattoos are designed with the ideas obtained from various hieroglyphics and use ancient symbols to design the beautiful tattoos. Some of the Egyptian gods that are associated with these tattoos are the Bastet, Anubis and Horus.

Upper Back Tattoos - Where's the Good, Fresh Tattoo Art For Your Back?

Finding quality upper back tattoos has become more difficult than trying to do push ups while your hands are tied behind your back. At least that's how hard it feels to any average internet surfer looking for websites that have good, fresh tattoo art to choose from. Most people won't even find "one" decent gallery. I will help you easily change this around, while finding the tons of quality upper back tattoos available to you.

The reason I want to bring this subject up is because I have witnessed and read about so many individuals who continue to struggle, every time they try to look for places that have great tattoo art. Most people end up seeing the same generic junk and the same old cookie cutter designs. Upper back tattoos are usually pretty detailed pieces, which means that generic artwork is never going to cut it.

Why are people seeing nothing but generic junk in the first place? This question is easy to answer. The real reason is because many people are stuck in their ways and continue to use a search engines to find tattoo gallery. For most things search engines are the perfect way to find websites. This is not true for finding quality upper back tattoos, or any kind of tattoo design.

There was a time when Google would give you a nice, fresh list of galleries that had top notch artwork. This doesn't happen any more, though. All you wind up getting now is a long, worthless list of bottom of the barrel type places. They all share the same nine year old generic tattoo art that has been floating around. There is no originality in the websites that search engines continually show you when you search for upper back tattoos.

With that said, you will need a better way to look for good upper back tattoos. What can you use instead? Well, your absolute best bet is going to be forums. They are thirty times better than anything that search engines will bring you to. Why do I say that? I say it because forums can be used to find out where people all over the planet have somehow found great tattoo artwork. The larger forums will be your ultimate way to great upper back tattoos, because large forums are stuffed with topics on tattoo related subjects. Your job is to start scanning those topics at your convenience, as they will be loaded with people sharing their knowledge, info and links to the hidden galleries they have unearthed. It's that simple and it works so much better than what you are used to.

There is no need to simply pick some random, generic upper back tattoos, which you shouldn't do anyway, because it's a design you will have on your for the rest of your life.

Female Chest Tattoos - Searching For Good Tattoo Art For Your Chest

Gone are the days of finding a lot of good female chest tattoos in a matter of minutes. Heck, most women won't find even one of them. Why is this happening? Because they way most people look for tattoo art is no longer providing you with a list of websites that have quality art. Here's how to reverse that, while helping you get a hold of the good female chest tattoos you probably wouldn't be able to find otherwise.

I have a good feeling that you already know what I am talking about when I said you are no longer getting a good list of websites that have great artwork. Yes, I am talking about search engines. A huge percentage of the general population (95%) use them to look for tattoo artwork on the internet. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if you were still able to find quality tattoo designs by using them, but most people are not. All you get now, no matter which tattoo styles you are looking for, is a huge list of low end galleries. Sure, you might find a bunch of generic female chest tattoos, but the quality, original ones are nowhere to be found.

It's almost like all of the good galleries have been mysteriously taken off of the web. Well, the good galleries with fantastic female chest tattoos are still out there. It's just that search engines aren't showing you where they are anymore. So, how do you get a hold of these places? Surely, there must be another way to find them, right? Yes, there is. The best alternate way to find these places is to use internet forums. It will help you reverse the trend of only finding generic female chest tattoos. If you go over to any of the larger forums, you can find bunches and bunches of topics on the subject of tattoo art.

This is exactly what you need. You can skim through some of these topics and get a great peek at where people all over the globe are finding quality tattoo designs. It's how you can find so many of the hidden, quality tattoo galleries that are sure to have original female chest tattoos. You won't believe how many honest people are in there sharing links to the great places they have found. The truth is that they know how difficult finding good artwork can be, so they share what they have. You simply reap the benefits of their generosity.

You still want to take as much time as you need to find the female chest tattoos that suit your tastes, because settling on anything less shouldn't be an option.